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We don’t have the most agents. Or the most offices. But we’re serious about paying personal attention to every single person that comes to us. And we have the statistics to explain every square foot of every neighborhood in Columbus.

In the end, we think that matters more than size, any day of the week.

The Parsons have been in the real estate business for over 55 years and have brokered over $100 million in Columbus real estate sales.

Some companies claim they can deliver more buyers and sell houses faster because they have offices all over the Ohio. Maybe even the world.

But the truth is Columbus listings are sold by agents who live and breathe Columbus. Offices don’t sell homes. People who know the neighborhood do.

And buyers from all over the world can easily find our listings – they’re side by side with everyone else’s on all the top websites:, Trulia, Zillow, and all the national brokerage sites.

When it comes time to move beyond a list of properties, we know the schools, the people, the micro-climates – the details that define the differences between Worthington, Clintonville, Dublin, and Grandview. In other words, we understand the things that matter when you’re deciding where to live your life.

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When you're buying a home, there's no one more important than the person you choose to represent you. We'll explain the process of buying your new home, guide you through all the ups and downs, and get closed on time.


Get a free home evaluation, not just an automated number based on nearby statistics. It's a true valuation based on your home's features and location - created by a top real estate agent who knows your neighborhood.

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